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Burrito Ambar Earrings - Bootsologie
Burrito Ambar Earrings - Bootsologie
Burrito Ambar Earrings - Bootsologie

Mexican Pinata Burrito Charm Earrings

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Mexican Pinata, Burrito Charm Earrings are the perfect fusion of fun and artisanal flair, bringing a unique twist to your jewelry box. Designed by the talented Gabriela Sanchez in the renowned silver workshops of Taxco, these Novelty Earrings blend whimsy with tradition.

Crafted from sterling silver, these earrings don't just hang; they declare a love for vibrant Mexican culture. With every detail from the colorful fringes to the intricate burrito shell, Gabriela showcases her unparalleled skill and dedication to celebrating Artesanias Mexicanas in each piece.

Not just an accessory, these Aretes de Plata are a conversation starter, adding a playful edge to both casual and formal wear. Whether you're spicing up a daily outfit or accentuating your look for a special event, these Amber Earrings will be your go-to for adding that extra pop of character.

Balancing the traditional craftsmanship of Pendientes Plata with a modern and playful design, these Burrito Earrings encapsulate the joyous spirit of a Mexican fiesta. They make exceptional regalos para mama or regalos para mujer, offering a delightful and thoughtful way to celebrate the richness of Mexican heritage.

Embrace the charm of Mexico with these uniquely designed Piñata Earrings, a testament to Gabriela Sanchez's vision and the artistry of Mexican silverwork. Make a statement and showcase your love for Amber earrings and Mexican culture in a way that's both elegant and fun. Grab your pair today and let your style burst with the festivity and warmth of a true Mexican celebration!

Earrings length: 2 inch approx.
Charm length: 1 inch.
Fish hook
Silver .925