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Amor Mío Hat - Bootsologie
Amor Mío Hat - Bootsologie
Amor Mío Hat - Bootsologie

Amor Mío Panama Hat with Oaxaca Hat Strap

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Check out our Panama Hats, the epitome of style, comfort, and cultural richness, perfectly designed for those who cherish sun-filled days. These Handmade Straw Hats are not just accessories; they're a celebration of 'Hecho a Mano' (handmade) craftsmanship, expertly woven to provide you with a cool, breathable companion, ideal for any beach or sunny setting.

Crafted from raffia, these hats are the quintessence of durability and comfort, ensuring that you stay comfortable while enjoying the outdoors. But what truly elevates these Panama Hats into a realm of their own is the Mexican Hat Band, a fine example of artesanias mexicanas, handcrafted with precision and care in Oaxaca. Adorned with silver heart charms—corazon mexicano—each band serves as a wearable love letter to Mexican tradition and craftsmanship.

This distinctive combination of features makes each hat a wearable piece of art, blending seamlessly with the Boho Hat aesthetic for that effortlessly chic look. Whether you're looking for a Beach Hat to protect you from the sun or a stylish Sun Hat to complete your summer ensemble, these Panama Hats fit the bill perfectly.

The incorporation of artesanias mexicanas enriches the hats with cultural value, making them more than just a fashion statement, but a nod to the rich heritage and artistry of Mexico. So, throw on one of these fabulous hats, embrace the warmth of the sun, and carry a piece of Mexican heritage with you wherever you go.

Material: Painted Canvas.
Small/Medium: 21 - 22 ⅝ inches (54-58 cm)
Brim: 3.5 inches (8.7 cm).
Crown: 4.5 inches (11 cm).

Due to the ELASTIC BAND our hats have in the crown they fit comfortably and can be worn by many head sizes and shapes.